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06/21/2003 - How long can one person possibly milk a single joke? You're about to find out! Have a good Horrible Flaming Month!

11/04/2002 - If you, for some bizarre reason, had the urge to read through all the archives, you would be delighted to find that all of my strips been annotated.

05/23/2002 - Um... Happy new year? =D Also, I decided to type "" into my browser today, and, for the first time in an entirnity, SOMETHING HAPPENED. So GO POST IN MY FORUMS, 'cause they exist again, and if you don't, then you hate kittens. If you post, I'll draw you a comic! With leprechauns and everything! Please?

11/12/2001 - COMICS!! Yes, comics are here! They're not Bubba and Alice, but there's content, goddammit! After this two-part series on how to make a successful webcomic comes a week or two of an experimental comic called "Physics." You see, I decided that comics in the 'Toban, my local student newspaper, weren't funny. And the reason my comic Spork In The Road never got printed was because it was too funny! What, then, is less funny than physics? Surely I have a hit that the Manitoban will love with that one. Hope y'all enjoy it, because it means regular daily updates on this page for almost two whole weeks, baby! W00T!

09/16/2001 - First, many thanks go to tre for filling in with a guest comic while I was busy lazing about and not drawing comics. Secondly, Bubba and Alice now has a message board where you can laugh and dance and frolic and bug me to put out new comics! Thanks to "this is not tre it's a random fan of bubba and alice" for the suggestion.

08/04/2001 - So many nice people! First, a big round of applause to the lovely and voluptuous Jenny Rowland, who draws the kickass comic strip Snail Dust, for singlehandedly bringing in more than double the amount of visitors I have ever had in one day via a link in her Livejournal. And now I'm the Link Of The Week(ish) on Snail Dust! Thanks, Jenny!

Second, the witty and nubile Joe Nadeau also linked to my trumpant (yes, trumpant!) return from his funny lil' strip, J-Walkin'. I bow to your Big Important Webcomic Guyness, Joe!

Third, as you've no doubt guessed, I've been having a little (read: lot) of trouble keeping up with the hectic schedule of "scribbling out some pointless crap on some post-it notes once or twice a month". Don't worry, I *refuse* to let the strip hang in limbo forever, and if it's going to end, it will end PROPERLY. However, I'm not going to promise a regular schedule when it's obvious I can't deliver. Updates are likely to be sporadic for a while. If you'd like to be informed of when the strip updates, toss me an email and I'll let you know. Even if you don't, send me email anyway, because I like email.

07/22/2001 - WE ARE BACK! Yes, due to unpopular demand, and the fact that my girlfriend's in Florida, Bubba and Alice has returned! See, instead of bringing the comic back April 30th for three days a week, I decided it'd be more fun to fall in love (awwww) and spend all of my time with her and neglect my poor comic strip. Right in the middle of an important plotline, too! The terror! But now I've returned, and I should have a comic for you Mondays and Fridays.

And I need to find another strip for the Underdog Comic Spotlight, 'cause "starla and friends" got taken down. *sad*

04/22/2001 - First order of business -- check out Guest Strip Week at The Nolans! Or, just check out The Nolans, because Josh is really quite under-recognised as a comic strip author/artist.

Second order of business -- some anonymous fan art dropped into my mailbox the other day. Apparently I have a secret admirer! Either that, or he's just too embarassed to put his name to fan art having to do with my comic. Either way works for me. Go lookie! =D

Third order of business -- Bubba and Alice will be RETURNING on Monday, April 30th! Exams are done, and I should be back in the swing of things by then. And remember my promise of a Monday-Wednesday-Friday update schedule! Because you are my fans, and I love you =D

04/13/2001 - Today's Guest Artist: tre! tre rocks my small, self-centred universe. Go shower her with the love and affection she so richly deserves.

In other news, I suddenly realized that with my last update, I accidentally destroyed a couple of news posts (like the one that SAYS I'm actually on hiatus until finals are over, and I'll be doing them Monday/Wednesday/Friday when they're done) as well as my Underdog Webcomic Spotlight box. Oops. Me dumb. The Underdog Comic Spotlight is back in working order, so go check out the current strip.

04/05/2001 - Tossed up a link to the nifty-keen "Webcomics from Canada" list that Lazy tossed me onto, 'cause quite frankly, it's generating the majority of my hits right now, and Lazy's generally a cool guy. That fan art I promised still hasn't come my way, however, so I suppose you'll just have to keep coming back =D

In other important Bubba and Alice news, though, I have two more days of class remaining, and then, joy! Finals time! I may even try to make myself throw out an update or two during those couple of weeks of exams. Who knows? More Bubba and Alice may be just around the corner!

Underdog Comic Spotlight:
High Score

If you're anything like me, from time to time you find yourself thinking, "Gee, I wonder what that great webcartoonist of yesteryear, Matt Wilson, is up to these days?" The answer, of course, is High Score. This is quite definately his best work yet. Check it out, or perish.

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